PC Image Data Recovery have developed a system for exchanging platters in the Seagate 7200.10 series hard drives. A very common fault in these series (available in 250Gb, 320Gb and 500Gb flavours) is that the spindle motor freezes solid. You can tell if your drive is suffering from this failure by listening closely to the drive, while power is applied. You should hear a fairly quiest "buzz - buzz - buzz" sound and the drive refuses to spin up. This is usually caused by an external USB device being dropped, but can also happen to desktop drives. The only solution is to remove the head stack and platters and re-assemble into a good chassis. This is usually a relatively straightforward procedure, but inside these drives there are plastic platter guards in between each platter. This prevents regular platter replacement tools being used. We have developed a system to overcome this obstacle, while retaining platter alignment relative to each other (if the platters go out of alignmant whatsoever, it's "bye bye data!"). We offer this service both to retail customers and to other Data Recovery companies (many of which have taken us up on this, please call for discounted prices).

Seagate 7200.11 Hard Drives:
PC Image are one of the few companies in the Data Recovery industry to have been able to fix the common firmware fault on these devices. The fault manifests itself by rendering the drive undetectable or detectable but with 0Mb capacity. Although Seagate now offer and alleged “free” fix for this glitch, this apparently involves sending your drive over to the Netherlands and waiting as long as it takes. We are offering a guaranteed 2-3 working day turnaround (with same day service our aim) to resolve this issue. We must stress that this is only a “temporary repair” and we recommend you RMA the drive once you have your data recovered. The special price for this fix and subsequent imaging of data to another good drive is £99 + VAT (excluding shipping and the price of a new drive which you can supply or we can provide at a competitive rate). Please call or email for details.

Seagate Laptop drives in Apple laptops:
It has been brought to our attention that a large number of Seagate drives in Apple Macbook computers are failing in significant numbers, with little chance of recovery. These drives appear ALL to be “firmware version 3.CAE” and made in China. This pattern and type of failure appears to be suspiciously similar to the renown “Firmware 7.01” failure. Users are advised to check the properties of the hard drives in their Macbooks.  If they are 7.01 or 3.CAE, we strongly advise backing up the data and demanding a replacement drive from Apple.